2018-19 Jeneanne Arter Teaching in Excellence Award

Walt Disney Elementary Robi Davidson Wins Award

The P-H-M Education Foundation is sponsoring the Jeneane Arter Teaching in Excellence Award. The $2,000 award – named after Northpoint Elementary School teacher Jeneane Arter – will be awarded to any current P-H-M staff member who exemplifies excellence in education. The award is underwritten by P-H-M parents Jason and Darla Lippert.

Penn High School's Diane Bowersox named as 2017-18 Arter Award winner

On May 31, the P-H-M Education Foundation awarded Penn High School Chemistry teacher Mrs. Diane Bowersox as the recipient of 2018 Jeneane Arter Teaching in Excellence award – named after Northpoint Elementary School teacher Jeneane Arter.

Penn High School Alyssa McNarney wrote in her essay about Mrs. Bowersox, “Chemistry is one of those classes that most people dislike and find very difficult, but with Mrs. Bowersox as a teacher, Chemistry is enjoyable and easy to learn. She does labs, interactive activities, and other games that help you learn. One example is from sophomore year in Chem Honors. We played Jeopardy in class with buzzers. The questions were able orbitals and after that game I am pretty sure that everyone in class could give you orbitals for every element.”

The top four finalists will receive $100. They are: Christine Austin of Walt Disney Elementary; John Gensic of Penn High School; Jeremy McCaskill of Horizon Elementary; Alison Noakes of Elsie Rogers Elementary; and Matt Reininga of Schmucker Middle.

Narrowing all the submitted essays to one recipient was a difficult decision. The P-H-M Education Foundation thanks these outstanding P-H-M staff members for the work, leadership and how you inspire students every day.

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