PHMEF awards $10,188 in fall grant cycle

The PHMEF 2019 Grants Committee requests the approval to fund the following EZ Form grant requests for $250 or less:

  • Breakout EDU: Classroom Escape
    Horizon Elementary – Derrick Fairbothan; Awarded: $160.50 – Multiple escape room activities challenging critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills.


  • Building Number Fluency in 4th and 5th Grades
    Elsie Rogers Elementary  – Rachael Givens; Awarded: $218 – Tang math kits that will help with number bonds, counting, place value.

  • A Multisensory Approach
    Meadow’s Edge Elementary – Stacey Miller; Awarded: $277.56 – Materials that provide multisensory approach using doodle boards, playform shapes, and sandpaper letters 

  • Safety Poster
    All Elementary Schools – Mike SegerAwarded: $250 – Poster contest to educate kids about strangers and how lockdowns relate to stranger danger.

  • Reading and Writing Hands-On Learning Games for Deeper Understanding
    Elsie Rogers Elementary – Carlye PonslerAwarded: $248.50 – Project benefit students will 44 various reading, vocabulary, and writing games.

  • Every Voice Matters
    Schmucker Middle – Maggie HartfordAwarded: $191.50 – Qball will help students who are reluctant to speak up and out in a classroom setting.

  • Exercise Body and Mind
    Elm Road Elementary – Stephanie NewcomerAwarded: $84.95 – Pound sticks would be used for “brain breaks” and refocusing students’ minds.

  • Kindness Squad
    Elm Road Elementary – Christy CookAwarded: $222.66 – Stickers, kindness squad belts, and letter packs to help promote kindness throughout the school.

  • Handwriting Interactive Teaching Tool
    Horizon, Northpoint, Prairie Vista, Mary Frank Elem– Tess WeaverAwarded $225 – Writing tool for students who receive occupational therapy.

  • Raspberry Pi Server and Cyber Security Labs
    Penn High – Steve Sinish; Awarded $200 – Servers support ongoing learning about servers for those in the computer tech support program.

  • Social Emotional Learning Center
    Penn High – Megan BidigareAwarded $250 – Funds to support a SEL safe space inside Penn High School for students who may have high emotions

    The PHMEF 2019 Grants Committee requests the approval to fund the following Traditional Form grant requests for: 

  • They All Fall Down
    Horizon Elementary – Ann LiraReceived $470 - Domino workshop kit to instruct and reward classes for positive behavior. Students will design and build their domino creation and work closely in teams of two. The goal is for each individual creation to completely topple and transfer energy to the next group’s creation until all 15 creations completely topple.  

  • Careers and Work Experience Project
    Penn High – Kristal Wheeler
    Received $1,000 - Program centers around Penn High School students with disabilities that will be given the opportunity to form a business. The program will center around two main experiences: a pet treat production and sale and a coffee cart. Both experiences will allow students to understand production, pricing, and sales.

  • WGMS Media Class Equipment
    Grissom Middle – Kristian Verash
    Received $918.12 - Equipment will improve the video and audio technology through WGMS and YouTube Grissom Middle School. Students can utilize their phones to video school activities for better communication.

  • High Quality Evidence for Like Long Critical Thinking
    Penn High  – Jeremy Starkweather, Kaitlin Dickmen, Kayla Pfernere
    Received $978.84 - Literature for debate topics that are current, peer reviewed, and written by experts in the field to be used by high school’s debate class and team.

  • Visualizing the Dream for Lifelong Learners
    Penn High – John Gensic and Angela Yarrell
    Received $775Funds will help offset costs for students who will be visiting, touring, and learning about historically black colleges and universities.

  • Phones, SEL, and Biological Impact at the Brain
    Penn High – John Gensic, Jeanie Mitchell, Danielle Black
    Received $911The science of addiction, from opioids to cell phones is rooted in the biology of the brain. This grant would allow Early College seniors to delve more deeply into understanding the root cause of addiction and take meaningful action. Funds will be used to purchase the book The Deepest Well, which covers the biological impacts of toxic stress. The book will be paired with lessons on how technology has been designed to be addictive (such as apps on a phone).

  • Choosing Joy – Schoolwide Positive Messaging

    Discovery Middle – Aubrey Rollins
    Received $1,000 - Student groups will volunteer to help beautify public spaces throughout Discovery, including hallways and restrooms, that will have positive messages to inspire students to have a positive attitude and motivate them to do their best every day.

  • Ecology: Ecosystem (three classrooms/three different grants)
    Discovery Middle — Jackie Dan, Mikaylah Ganza, Gabriella Kintner
    Received $840Potawatomi Zoo representative will come to the school and discuss different topics related to ecology. The goal would be to use the presentation at the end of the unit as an application and analysis of the content the students’ have learned.

  • SEL Classroom Environment
    Elsie Rogers Elementary – Krystle Mauro
    Received $117Emotional prompt cards and materials that will be used in the social emotional learning classroom environment.

  • Personal and Academic Student Development Through Reading
    Grissom Middle – Joshua Kelver
    Received $900Classroom library that will incorporate inclusive topics such as disabilities and LGBTQ+. In addition, library will include books written by minorities and topics that cover minority experiences in America.

PHMEF 2019 Spring Grants Announced

Congratulations to the following P-H-M staff members who were award innovative classroom grants during the Spring grant cycle. Events such as the Silver Mile Run for Education, Annual Drive, Superintendent’s Luncheon, Phone-A-Thon, and Casino Night fund our two grant cycles. 

EZ Form grant approved for $250 or less:

Work Experience Program –Penn High School – John Mott
Awarded: $228.89 – Implementing works skills for exceptional students

Oh Rats! On the Cutting Edge with Rat Dissection-Penn High School  – Shellie Harshberger 
Awarded: $195 – Rat dissection kit for freshman biology

Integrating Sensory Tools to Increase Student Success-Mary Frank Elementary – Jill Coffman
Awarded: $90 – Fidget devices and noise canceling headphones

Snap Circuits for 5th Grade Soft Start Morning Work-Elsie Rogers Elementary – Rachael Givens
Awarded: $151.95 – Snap Circuits kits for intro to circuitry and electrics

Solar Power For a Better Tomorrow-Penn High School – Jonathan Lockwood
Awarded: $250 – Solar panels will be used for environmental impact studies

Science Standard Resource to Support Differentiation with Instruction-Discovery Middle School – Shelia Toth
Awarded: $250 – Resource science books to support differentiated instruction

Shut the Box Algebraic Thinking Games –Elsie Rogers Elementary – Carlye Ponsler
Awarded: $178.68 – Easy to learn, algebraic thinking game for kids and adults

Creation Station-Horizon Elementary – Dorene Pond
Awarded: $239.12 – Art station to help students work through their emotions; refocus on learning

SALC-IHSAA Student Leadership Conference –Penn High School – Jeff Hart/Curt Rallo
Awarded $250 – Cover registration fees for the student leadership conference

Horizon Elementary Omnikin Ball Unit-Horizon Elementary – Danielle Snoeyink
Awarded $244.99– Multicolored ball allows for students to play different games outside of traditional ball games

Chatterboxes –Mary Frank Elementary – Lindsay Helman 
Awarded $250 – Boxes allow students to record their voices and reduce background noise

Building Strong, Unique Young Women Through Art- Schmucker Middle – Mary Goldthrite-DeKever

Awarded $237– Materials for girls to participate in art-based activities that focuses on self-awareness

Lunch, Munch, Board Games & Doodle With My Bunch- Schmucker Middle – Mary Goldthrite-DeKever
Awarded $247.48 – Provides games during lunch time

Guided Math Resources: Learning Wrap-Ups and Puzzle/Game Books- Elsie Rogers Elementary – Hollie Truckowski
Awarded $73.91 – Learning tool that utilizes visual and tactical learning senses

Nonfiction Flashlight Friday- Elsie Rogers Elementary – Hollie Truckowski
Awarded $194.99 – Nonfiction books; students can use flashlight behind page to reveal what is hidden in and around different places

Solar Cooking – Elsie Rogers Elementary – Diana Mendelsohn
Awarded $250 – Solar oven fun and unique way to cook food

PHMEF 2019 Spring Grants approved Traditional Grants:

LAMP Words For Life 
Horizon Elementary– Mandy Stanifer
Received $599.98
LAMP Words for Life is an app program that is a voice output communication aid that allows nonverbal students with autism and/or other disabilities to increase communication skills.

Hike Through History
Bittersweet Elementary – Patricia Heidkamp
Received $938.72
Hike Through History is for students to have access to materials that will provide them the information to act as a co-creator of a 45-foot timeline poster showing impactful people, landmarks, and historical events.

Hands Free in PE
Walt Disney Elementary – Tom Stanton
Received $558
Wireless headset microphone to better communicate with students, enable teachers to model technique and interact with students through instructions, and to preserve the vocal health of teachers.

Concert Lighting for Visual Performance Unit
Grissom Middle – Heather Baker
Received $987.25
Stand lights would be utilized in different capacities to provide a visual component for the audience.

Maslow Before Bloom SEL Library
Mary Frank Elementary – Lindsay Helman
Received $795.36
Books that cover numerous topics on social emotional learning to help students learn to accept strong emotions and cope effectively.  

Getting Better, Together
Penn High School – John Gensic, Jennie Mitchell, Danielle Black
Received $1,100
Video reflection software will improve student and teacher classroom speech, practice, dialogue, and engagement via specific timed asynchronous video peer feedback.

Metal Working to Make Visions Become Reality
Penn High School – Scott Shelhart
Received $2,500
Welding machine to be used for a new after-school club – the Kingsmen Metal Society – that will provide exploration and learning opportunities to people that would not otherwise be able to access the metalwork area. This is the first step to working toward involving the Arts in the shop areas, with the option of adding a metal sculpture class.

It’s All About the Bass … No Treble
Elsie Rogers Elementary – Erin Elliott
Received $1,439.69
This will provide a bass xylophone to the school. With proper care, this instrument can last decades. Adding the instrument will provide more opportunities for students during playing time to practice their music skills.

Cricuts in 132
Penn High School – Kylee Wetzel
Received $326.99
The cricuit machine is a smart machine that can use a computer to design their item they are going to cut. The machine will be used by Penn’s Child Development and Education Professions classes.

All The Feels: Sensory Word Work
Walt Disney Elementary – Trisha Leddy
Received $932
Sensory word work will enable students to improve their phonemic awareness, sensory development, and social emotional growth.  A container will be filled with a variety of materials to let children explore and manipulate letter, words, and sounds. It will also help children develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and language skills. 

Leaping Forward with VEX Robotics
Penn High School – Jim Langfeldt
Received $5,000
Starting in 2004, VEX Robotics Platform has been the backbone of mostly all applied pre-engineering projects in the STEM academy. This will provide updated materials allowing students to design, build, program, and test autonomous vehicles.

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