1st event in 2019 at Max Black featuring student art work

Penn artwork to be displayed on May 6 at local gallery

Max Black Gallery in Granger will feature artists; pieces sold for donation

Penn High School Art Students continue to work on their artwork to exhibit at the Max Black Fine Art Studio.  For many students, painting is not just an outlet, it’s part of their life plan.  They see the world full of color and dimension and it’s events like the one on March 12th that will give them the courage to continue showing the world how interesting and beautiful it is! 


For some students, this will be their first exhibit and for some, it may only be their only. The point is that it is for them. Students and teachers go through a process to discover what they would like to showcase at the exhibit.  There is research and conversation, it’s from their heart and we are thrilled to explore the world through our talented students eyes. 


Please enjoy the artwork gallery on Facebook as we take a peek inside our students magical world and of course, join us on May 6 from 6-8 pm.  And don’t forget, 100% of the donations made will be split between the Art Gallery and the Art Club!