PHMEF Grants

Since the Foundation’s inception in 1996, more than $520,000 have been distributed in innovative teaching grants supporting P-H-M teachers, staff, and students. The Grants Committee is comprised of Foundation board members, community representatives, and a P-H-M administrator who evaluate each grant application.  From the success of the P-H-M Education Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Gala in May 2016, an additional $10,000 is available for grants.

The 2017 Fall Grant Cycle has now closed. Fall grant recipients will be notified by Dec. 8. Please contact Mari Linn Wise at with any questions.

 2017 Spring Traditional Grants Recipients

1)  Kelso’s Kit: Tools for Kids
Horizon Elementary – Joann Hartline’ Grade K-5  —  300 students; Awarded: $636.73
Kelso’s Kit includes 23 comprehensive lessons that help children make good choices and solve conflicts on their own. The kit will give classroom teachers and/or college practicum students additional tools needed to help students with their everyday life difficulties.

2) iPod Touches for Walt Disney’s A/V Team
Walt Disney Elementary – Robi Davidson, Emily Beeden; Grades K-4  —  510 students
Awarded: $597
The purchase of the iPods (3) will allow the AV team to record live broadcasts and to connect to other forms of media. In addition, the iPods will allow the team to explore new technologies such as music recording, computer coding, app review, and more extensive photo and video editing.

3) Wiggling Our Way to Success
Mary Frank Elementary – Lindsay Helman; Grades 3  —  40 students; Awarded: $1,432.34
Alternative seating at Mary Frank will support students who have difficulty focusing. In addition, these seats provide health benefits that include increased metabolism, motivation and engagement, creating better oxygen flow to the brain, and improve core strength.

4) Strumming Our Way To Musical Success
Horizon Elementary – Jon West and Jeannie Chettleburgh; Grades K-5 — 650 students
Awarded: $1,170
Recently, due to the increase use by pop performers, the Ukulele has quickly risen in popularity. The creates a phenomenon whereby students are expressing a desire to learn to play chords and sing with the Ukulele. The teachers intend to use this natural interest to continue to each the Indiana Music Standards using Ukuleles.

5) The Walking Classroom
Moran Elementary – Louise Black; Grades 5 — 80-90 students
Awarded: $3,950
Student learning is not limited to sitting in the classroom. This program would allow for a class to walk around/throughout the hallways while listening to pod-casts lessons. Each student audio device is preloaded with 111 pod-casts that are aligned with the 5th grade Common Core curriculum covering language arts, social studies, and health topics.

6)  Documenting Bat Activity in an Urban Habitat
Elm Road School – Jackie Anderson; Grade K-5 —  520 students
Awarded: $323.61
From a school’s FIRST Lego League team, this bat house is located on the edges of the school ground. A remote camera, with infrared lighting, will allow students to observe the natural patterns of bats.

7) Penn Orchestra – Barrage 8
Penn High – Ann Tschetter; Grades 9-12 —  20 students
Awarded: $450
Earlier in the year, Penn High School hosted an international string group – Barrage 8 – whose focus is to introduce student to the new eclectic and contemporary side of being a string performer. Furthermore, Penn currently houses contemporary music performing groups in band and choir, but not orchestra. This inspired the teacher to create a before or after-school group where students would take their classical training to a “show” format. Students will learn a wide variety of popular, ethnic jazz, and show tunes. The grant will support purchasing 5 musical instruments for students to perform.

8) Cafetorium Acoustic Development
Grissom Middle – Heather Baker; Grades 6-8 —  600 students
Awarded: $5,181.39
The school’s cafetorium is used for numerous events throughout the school year, including meetings and conferences. The current sound situation involves outdated technology and bare walls to enable a massive amount of reverb and echo. A new system would increase the quality for musical performances, student news programs, athletic events, and student body assemblies.

9) Serving Students with Calming Sensory Tools
Elm Road – Audrey Kim; Grades K-5 —  520 students
Awarded: $800
As an educational assistant, the teacher has helped students with anger and behavior issues using sensory tools. Students have enjoyed using manipulative tools to help them calm down. Creating boxes that are readily available for students to help channel their frustrations in appropriate ways.

PHMEF 2017  Spring EZ grant recipients ($250 or less)

1) Occupational Therapy Materials
Mary Frank Elementary – Tess Weaver; Grade PreK-8; Awarded: $246.67

2) Book Clubs in the Classroom – Not Just for Adults
Prairie Vista Elementary – Karen Hlade; Grade 5; Awarded: $244.43

3) Electronics Components for Updated Physics Curriculum
Penn High School; Jonathan Lockwood; Grades 11-12; Awarded: $225

4) Aquaponics Experiments to Promote a Sustainable Food Future
Penn High School – John Gensic; Grades 9-12; Awarded: $247.99

5) It’s All About the Bass Bow
Discovery/P-H-M Middle School Orchestras – April Oppenheim; Grade 6-8; Awarded: $234

6) Bike to Build Muscles!
Walt Disney Elementary – Kathy Greve; Grades K; Awarded: $250

7) Take a Stand
Discovery Middle – Murray Weaver; Grades 6-8; Awarded: $250

8) Pay Attention!
Elsie Rogers Elementary – Stefanie Hanks; Grade K-5; Awarded: $245.

9) Table Top Easels
Penn PALS/Elsie Rogers Preschool – Alison Minegar; Grades Preschool; Awarded $250


Fall 2016 Traditional Grant Recipients

Move Your Body, Grow Your Brain: Active Seating in the Classroom
Moran Elementary – Stephanie Strasser; Grade K; Awarded $1,000

 Alternative and Flexible Seating for the Elementary Classroom
Bittersweet Elementary – Leslie Metcalf; Grades 4; Awarded $994.49

Choral Risers for Elm Road and Elsie Rogers
Elm Road and Elsie Rogers elementaries – Emily Nakayama and Erin Elliott
Grades K-5; Awarded $6,000

iPads for Learning and Reporting
Elsie Rogers Elementary – Jessie Kinney and Dorene Pond; Grades 3-5; Awarded $1,950

 Front Row Education Math – Inquiry Based Learning
Meadow’s Edge Elementary – Madelyn Albright; Grades 3-4; Awarded $1,540

Sustaining and Growing the Grissom Drum Brigade
Grissom Middle School – Adam Emeigh; Grade 6-8; Awarded $903.76

Buddy Bench
Bittersweet Elementary – Karen Powers and Michele Leniski; Grades K-5; Awarded $1,251

Fall 2016 EZ Grant Recipients ($250 or less)

Earth Science – Rocks and Minerals
Prairie Vista Elementary – Roger Hansel; Awarded: $216.70

Bluetooth Music Room for a Blue Ribbon School
Prairie Vista Elementary – Amy Gallo; Awarded: $182.44

Biology Teacher’s Real DNA Comparison
Penn High School; Freshman and Early College Biology – Robert Berkheiser & John Gensic; Awarded: $225

Penn Physics Research Lab
Penn High School – Jonathan Lockwood; Awarded: $200

Cost Effective Alternative Seating for Preschoolers
Penn PALS Preschool at Bittersweet – Sara Barhydt
Awarded: $225.05

Integrating the Visual Arts, Music and Sports at DMS
Discovery Middle School – Anne Napoli; Awarded: $246

Anthem Club
Penn High School – Lavon Oke; Awarded: $123.75

Phone Mats
Mary Frank Elementary – Anna King; Awarded: $240

Upgrade Tap Set
Penn High School – Les Crooks; Awarded $116.54

Improving Manufacturing Safety
Penn High School – Les Crooks; Awarded $139.84

Documenting POE, IED, and Areospace Engineering
Penn High School – Jim Langfeldt; Awarded $199

Newton’s 2nd Law Experience
Penn High School – Bruce Bergeron; Awarded $214.99

Smartphone Mounts for High School Journalists
Penn High School; Awarded $199.50

Driver’s Station Laptop for Penn Robotics
Penn High School – Jim Langfeldt; Awarded $250

Expanding Manufacturing End Mill Set
Penn High School – Jim Langfeldt; Awarded $203.51

The Wonder of You
Horizon Elementary School – Ann Lira; Awarded $250

Drum and Bugle Corps Video
Discovery Middle School – Murray Weaver; Awarded $161.84

Put the Pedal to the Metal
Elm Road Elementary – Christy Cook; Awarded $244.93